Online Dating – Scam or real?

Our office is investigating something that come to our attention in recent months. We have recently been getting a lot of complaints from locals about the authenticity of many popular online dating services. Members of these sites tell us that they heard and see it all when it comes to profiles, advances, come ons and introductions. But are the people behind the profiles, pictures and introductions real?

We did our own little research and what we found is shocking. More than 80% of the online dating sites we found lead back to a bunch of base sites that use stock photos and computer generated messages to lure single men into thinking they have a large selection of women to choose from and that these women are actively engaging an reaching out to the male members. Most require payment before messages can be read.

Chris who operates a dating service in that offers a huge selection escorts in NYC and all over the world. She said that many of the men that call her agency New York 5 Star escorts an online escort referral service inquire about the authenticity of the escort profiles on her website as they have all been burned before with fake online dating sites.

Chris explains to them that she offers a referral service and that there are no membership fees and that payment is made directly to the escort for her time. Payment is due on delivery of the model the client chooses. If the client does not receive the female he is contracting or is not happy with the escort he receives then no payment is due. She goes on to say that “in today’s day and age its the best arrangement as its no risk and saves a lot of time”. Many of the escort services we researched have a similar COD policy. It is the sites that require a membership fee that seem to be behind many of the scams we get complaints for on a daily basis.

Our advice to many of the calls we receive is the same; if its sounds to good to be true it probably is.… continue reading this entry